(Updated 11/11/2013)

Here is a list of my various tutorials.

Opening a Vein for Fun and Profit

No one book can teach a person everything they need to know about the art and craft of writing. Bestselling author Tymber Dalton uses her trademark snark to walk you through what's worked for her in the process of writing, including plotting, tension, characters, dialogue, writing love scenes, and more.

What does this book cover?

  • creating realistic characters readers can relate to
  • realistic dialogue
  • brainstorming
  • easy, effective plotting techniques
  • using tension and conflict
  • combating writer's block
  • ...and more!

Whip Me, Beat Me, Make Me Write Hot Sex: A writer's guide to BDSM basics...and for those who are curious.

In this how-to guide for writers, bestselling erotica author Tymber Dalton shares information she's gathered in her first-hand research about the BDSM lifestyle. (Also good for people curious about the lifestyle.)

Learn the basics about relationship dynamics, toys, tools, terminology, and more. Includes style guide tips for writers and a handy list of references to start you on your research.

Content Warning: Non-fiction, contains subject matter and language of a sexual nature. May offend some readers.

Please note: I'm in the process of updating this tutorial, which is why you won't find it on sale right now. If you've already purchased it, keep an eye out for the updated version.

Pimp Yourself: Easy, Painless, and Cheap Self-Promotion for Writers 

Congratulations, your book is published! Now what? Author Tymber Dalton walks you through quick, easy, and best of all, cheap ways to promote your book. You don't think you have time to fit self-promotion into your busy schedule? You hate doing self-promotion? With these easy tips, you'll find it's a painless process.

While geared toward romance and erotica writers, writers in any genre will be able to use the information. Includes resource and link list.