Dark Angel Review for "Love & Brimstone"

Sunday, August 24, 2008
*gasping from hyperventilating...*

I have received a fantastic 4-pixie review from DarkAngelReviews.com for "Love & Brimstone!" What a great way to start a new week!!!!

It gets officially listed on their site in the September update, but Amanda said I can advertise it now. Yippee!!

The upshot:

"LOVE & BRIMSTONE is not your traditional vampire romance and I loved the 'new spin' Ms. Richardson creates in her story. She does a great job of creating something new from the old and making it work. She gradually introduces you to her concept of vampires as events unfold in the plot and I really liked that. The pace of the book is just fast enough to keep your interest without feeling rushed. Her characters are well developed and interesting. There is plenty of action and emotion between our two main leads as well as some steamy sex. Taz has to really evolve in the story, everything she has known in her life has basically been a lie, or if not an actual lie just the tip of the iceberg. I really enjoyed the way she deals with everything and found myself rooting for her. Matthias is a good guy and you find everything he has done in the past has been for Taz's protection. Their romance is not smooth sailing and I enjoyed the conflicts and their resolutions as it made their romance very real. LOVE & BRIMSTONE was an enjoyable read and I would love to explore more of Ms. Richardson's offerings." (Click here to read the whole review.)

*thud as I pass out from hyperventilating*

I'm sure Stephen King doesn't do a happy dance in his kitchen...maybe he does. I, however, am not too proud to admit I do. *LOL*

Click here to buy "Love & Brimstone!"

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