Vampire Bumper Sticker Slogan Contest

Saturday, August 2, 2008
Vampire Bumper Sticker Slogan Contest

Less than a week until "Love & Brimstone" is released! That means... *drumroll* Contest!

What will you win? A free copy of "Love & Brimstone!" (e-book version).

What is the contest? Submit your best vampire-related bumper sticker slogans! Preferably original. For example, "Vampires do it in the dark." (Okay, that's weak, but you get the drift. *LOL*) This is your chance to have fun and be original.

How to enter: Visit my MySpace blog at:

and click on the Vampire Bumper Sticker Slogan contest entry. (NOT on THIS blog entry - go to the MySpace blog!) Enter using the BLOG comments section ONLY, post your comment to that blog entry. Just click the Add Comment link at the bottom of the post. Entries will ONLY count if they are posted in the comments section of that entry.

Winner will be chosen at random from those who enter. You can enter as many times as you want, but you'll only get credit for one entry per person per day. So come back every day and toss a new one (or more) at me! Be careful - read the other entries and be original; you won't get credit for copying someone else. If more than one person submits a similar entry, the first person gets credit for it.

I'll pick the winner late Thursday night (08-07-08).

Have fun!