Monday Review Squee!

Monday, September 22, 2008
What a great thing to find in my email on a Monday morning!

The upshot: "This book was very interesting and the paranormal creatures, while having familiar names, are explained in a different way that makes this story somewhat unique. Ms. Richardson’s writing is well-paced and flows smoothly throughout the book. Her dialog and interactions between characters are realistic and development of the secondary characters is very good. I did find Taz overly whiny at times especially in the beginning when she’s told what she is and her responsibilities. I also thought that Matthias, even though totally besotted with her, should take a firmer stand. However these are minor complaints in a story that was otherwise well-executed. After reading Love & Brimstone I was glad to know that this is the start of a series. This story does have a conclusion but there is definitely room for expansion and evolution of these characters and their relationships. I look forward to the release of further books in this series."

Grade: A- Outstanding Read

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