*&^%$ computers, Amira Press Chat today!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Two weeks and counting since my laptop died, which is why I've been VERY quiet. I'm using the back up Asus eeePC which is literally the size of a portable DVD player. Tiny keyboard. Great for back up/travel, sucky for 16+ hours a day writing. Ugh. I broke down and bought a Kensington wireless keyboard that's almost like typing on my laptop and it's great. So that's why I've been quiet lately. The eeePC is slower on the internet than my laptop, and the tiny screen makes it hard to do updates. (I finally conficasted dh's laptop today because I'm chatting this afternoon with Amira Press readers -- make sure to come join us! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AmiraPress/ )

The only "good" thing about not having my laptop is I literally started and finished an entire manuscript that's been submitted to Siren-BookStrand already. *LOL* Hard to get distracted when I don't have my normal links and rss feeds to look through! *LOL*

My cousin, the electronic Rain Man, should have my laptop done hopefully in a day or so. He fixed the first problem, which revealed another problem (display related, not the hard drive thank the gods!) and he's been waiting for the part.

So come join me today at the Amra Press readers group for a chat, excerpts, and fun! (I'm coming dressed as a demon dominatrix for all those of you who were wondering... *LOL*)

And if you haven't joined the Amira Press group yet, remember you can ask for a FREE READ! (Mine is called "Puppy Dog Eyes," it's an unusual were/shapeshifter love story.) So don't forget to request it.


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