Top 10 Lines From "Love and Brimstone"

Friday, October 3, 2008
I decided to ask some of my characters from my vampire romance "Love and Brimstone" to list some of their favorite lines/verbal exchanges from the book. (If you haven't picked up your copy yet, you can buy it from Amira Press.) Here are their responses...

10 - tie) "It was for your own good. You must calm down, let us help you through this transition."

"Transition? You can look me in the eye and call it a transition? That's so not the word I would use. Hell-hole, nightmare, disaster—want a thesaurus?"
"I'm going to pop his head like a grape," she snarked without much enthusiasm.

"I'm sure that will be a great comfort to him, dear."


9) "My house is trashed, something evil is trying to kill me for having Rosemary's baby, which I haven't even had. Hell, I haven't had sex in…too damn long, not that it's any of your business."

The slightest trace of a smile touched his mouth. "No, they don't think your baby would be evil."

"Then what?"

"An heir. Able to continue the line. They think you have the genetic make-up, and for some reason, they want you."

"What, are they running for homicidal freaks? Hello, I so did not sign up for that."


8) She was in full snark mode. "Well, why don't we get the Scooby gang together and pull the rubber mask off the bad guy?"


7) "I'm warning you, leave now!" She put the hall corner in her sights and tried to quiet her breathing. Her pulse raced, in her throat, in her head, in her chest. Praying she could keep the gun still, she held her breath.

There was another growl, closer. "Don't run, you'll only make the meat tough."


6) Why did it attack her? Would another Other come after her?

The Other's brother from another mother.

Okay, that was definitely stress. Lots and lots of stress.


5) "Ask me anything you want," he offered.

She thought about it, decided it couldn't hurt to play along. "If you're–" she tried to do the math in her head and gave up, "—around six hundred years old, how the hell did you manage to stay under the radar for so long? And how did you amass such a fortune?

"Six hundred and nine."

"Aw, you don't look a day over five hundred."


4) "You go out in the daytime. I spent three fucking days in a car with you," she said to Matthias.

He nodded. "Hollywood lied—imagine that."


3) He laughed again, and Robertson sent him a warning look. "The movies are simply that, Taz—movies," Robertson explained. "Most of what popular culture knows about vampires is a myth created by Hollywood, not real-life."

"Because vampires are so misunderstood. Yeah, I get that. And the Tooth Fairy gets screwed while Santa Claus gets all the glory–"


2) She looked at Matthias. "And you—you suckered me into this job?"

"I had to keep you safe."

"Oh, great! I worked for Bob Stanley for ten years and was never attacked by a demon once!"


...and the #1 line...

1) "What kind of asshole sells automatic weapons to a demon anyway?"

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