FIVE Star Review: for "Love Slave for Two"

Saturday, December 13, 2008
5 stars

"Love Slave For Two is one of the best stories I've read in years…and I've read a lot of stories. Tymber Dalton examines the family dynamics of a nontraditional family. I do not normally enjoy male/male stories but this one has depth, love, and romance. Tyler, Thomas, and Nevvie work well together. Their differences harmonize each other. The intimate scenes were hot and steamy. The plot is more than intimate scenes. It is a well-developed drama. This is a must read for fans of romantica."

*thunk as I faint!*

What is so gratifying to me as an author is that not only did she like it, but it's normally a genre she wouldn't enjoy and she STILL liked it. Yes, it's a m/m/f menage but the men do have a relationship before they meet the heroine.

Whoo hoo!!!

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Lesli (aka Tymber)

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