Need your vote! & 5 Cherries for "Good Will Ghost Hunting: Hell's Bells"

Saturday, August 15, 2009
Woot! The second book in my demon series, "Good Will Ghost Hunting: Hell's Bells (Book 2)" received 5 cherries from the Whipped Cream Erotic Romance review site!


It's up for book of the week, but I need your vote! (Please please please! Picture massive grovelling here...)

You can find the review here:


"I enjoyed this book a lot, even without the back story from the first book, which I have gone back and bought. I love the sense of history and myth that Lesli Richardson has woven into this series. The characters are fully developed, and I was able to feel the depth of feeling that the characters have for each other... I am waiting for the next installment to see what the next ploy Bera comes up with will be, and what happens in each of the characters’ lives. There is also a wicked sense of humor to this book, although it is dark humor."

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