What's next?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Whew! Turned another manuscript in to Siren on Sunday. Was sort of like giving birth. *LOL* (Only without the blood, contractions, hospital visit, epidural, and the screaming at the end is me on release day when I see it for sale. *LOL*) It's a hot BDSM stand-alone mmf romance, but three of the characters also appear in "Love Slave for Two: Beginnings (Book 0)." (And they might get their own book at some point in time, they keep popping up and saying hello to me. *LOL*)

What's next? I get asked this a lot.

I'm working on several projects, listed in no particular order. (I'm always working on several projects.)

  • "Steam," the sequel to "Boiling Point - dragon shape-shifter menage story for an anthology, a continuation of the Alexandr brother series and a prequel to the "Triple Trouble" shape-shifter series.
  • Good Will Ghost Hunting series - Working on book 3. [6 books planned for series]
  • Brimstone vampire series - Working on book 3. [6 books planned for series]
  • "Tony's story" (The Reluctant Dom, Domme by Default character) - Yes, he IS going to have his own book. [third book, not technically a series, just related characters]
  • Love Slave for Two series - Turned "LSFT: Beginnings (Book 0)" m/s in and we're in the editing stage. Working on book 3. [5 books planned including the prequel, possibly 2 related shorts as well]
  • Deep Space Mission Corps series (Love at First Bight) - Working on book 2 in the series. [4 books currently planned for series]
  • Triple Trouble series - working on book 4. [at least 6 books in the series]
  • As of yet unnamed teen paranormal romance series - Working on book 1. [3 books, possibly more]
  • As of yet unnamed "space" book, possibly series - whew, this one's HOT, even by Tymber's standards! *LOL* [probably a stand-alone, but would lend itself to a series]
...and several other projects in various stages of notes/ideas/writing. But the above listed ones are the "priorities." (The ones where the "voices" are screaming at me the loudest! *LOL*)

2 reader comments:

  1. Aubrie said...:

    Wow, that's a lot of projects. I usually have one large novel and then 1 or 2 short stories and that's all I can keep straight.

  1. Yeah, I know, but that's just the way my mind works. *LOL* On the flip side, it means whenever I get blocked on one project, I can switch to another one and get in a groove on that. Meaning by the time I'm ready to go back to the blocked project, it's usually worked itself out.

    My problem isn't finding stuff to write about. My problem is finding the time to write them. LOL!