When will it be on KINDLE???

Friday, September 18, 2009
I've been getting this question at least once a day on average now. For those of you with Kindles who want to read books without having to wait for the Kindle version to come out, you're in luck! I did some digging. This also means you are no longer tethered exclusively to Kindle content.

I don't have a Kindle, I have a Sony, but I can buy from many sources, not just the Sony store, and send them to my Sony reader (and my BlackBerry too) with a USB cable.

I found the following links dealing with file conversions. It looks like you can read the Mobi format on the older Kindles, and .pdfs on newer ones.


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  1. Anonymous said...:

    I have been downloading your books to my kindle for a very long time (to my computer first then to the kindle)and have no problems.I have a first generation kindle! Meg

  1. Thank you, Meg! I'm glad to hear that. I've felt sort of helpless because I don't have a Kindle myself, I have the Sony and I read on my BlackBerry too, so I figured I'd better educate myself so I could answer questions. *LOL*


  1. I also received this from a fellow author who asked one of her Kindle readers about the issue:

    When I get a book that is .pdf, I email it to Amazon. Normally the
    email address is something like mine (xxxxxx@free.kindle.com) and they email the converted book back to you within a few minutes. I then plug the USB cable that came with the Kindle to my computer and download it to Kindle. There is also a way to do it where it is sent directly to the Kindle from Amazon, but they charge like .15 to do it and I've never done it that way.

    You can also purchase from other places like Fictionwise, EC, MBaM - you just pick the Mobipocket/prc format and download it to the Kindle using the USB cable.