Another note on e-piracy.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Okay, for those of you who see auctions where the sellers claim to have resell rights to my e-books, listen up:


In fact, most auctions of fiction e-books are ILLEGAL. It doesn't matter what their excuse is, unless it's all public domain works (meaning OLD stuff like Charles Dickens, at least 70+years old or older), it's most likely ILLEGAL.

The ONLY place to legally obtain my e-books (and most fiction e-books) are directly from publishers and from authorized e-book vendors such as Amazon.com, Sony, AllRomanceEbooks.com, Fictionwise, Mobi, B&N, and a few others who are authorized vendors. (If in doubt, email the author or publisher in question and ASK them if that's a legal vendor or not.)

If you see a batch lot of e-books, rest assured, regardless of what they CLAIM on the auction, it is almost assuredly an ILLEGAL auction. Do all authors a favor and click the "report this auction" button.

Authors need YOUR help as readers to keep putting out the books you want to read. Contrary to popular belief, most authors are NOT rich. (I know I'm not. *LOL*) Most have an "evil day job" to supplement their income because they'd starve if they had to rely on their writing for a living. Even authors you might consider well-known.

So support your favorite authors and only buy LEGAL, AUTHORIZED versions of their e-books, please!

Thank you!! :)

2 reader comments:

  1. Stephanie Bonnie said...:

    I honestly have never heard of auction of E-books Until now..

  1. Unfortunately, too many people have heard of them, but they don't realize they're usually illegal.

    It doesn't matter what the seller claims in their auction, nearly all fiction e-book auction sales, especially for collections, are ilegally duplicated software.