iPad notes and comparisons (part 4)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Are you sick of me and my iPad yet? LOL

Well, I have the plug-in keyboard dock for my iPad, but one serious limitation of that is you're stuck in portrait mode, limiting your screen space. I don't like that. So I ended up buying a Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 yesterday that works great. That was an interesting story. Let me tell it, literally as verbatim as I can remember.

Me: *walking into national office supply store chain, to woman who works there who'd just asked if she could help me* Looking for a bluetooth keyboard.

*Note, I didn't have my glasses on, so I had to squint to read.*

Her: Oh, let me get Bob (or whatever his name was) to help us. *She flags kid over.*

Him: Yes?

Me: I need a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. *By this time I'd squinted enough to spot a sign over his shoulder that said "bluetooth" on one of the keyboards on display.*

Him: We don't have any bluetooth keyboards.

Me: None?

Him: Nope. Sorry, we don't sell them.

Me: *pointing* What's that?

Her: *laughing* Looks like it says bluetooth. *Mind you, she works with him and is enjoying his fucktardary at his expense.*

Him: *frowning* It won't work with a Mac. It's for PC only.

Me: *grabbing box from other woman who obligingly handed it to me* It says here it'll work on Macs or PCs.

Him: It won't work on your iPad.

Me: *arching eyebrow* Why not?

Him: It just won't. But you have fourteen days to return it. *slouches off*

Needless to say, I bought it, it works fine. Ironic it's a Microsoft keyboard and works on an iPad. I like that. It suits me.

2 reader comments:

  1. Oooh, that kind of attitude in a retail environment gets my blood boiling. Glad you could find your bluetooth keyboard, however. Me, I love anything that has a USB port.

    Okay, that just sounds really strange, but you must understand in the days when we still used stiffy disks (kids nowadays won't even know what those are...)

  1. LOL The irony is here we called them "floppy" even when they were scaled down to the 3.5" size with the hard cases.

    Yeah, fortunately for the kid I was in a hurry with a ton of other stuff to do and not in the mood to play "screw with the obnoxious salesperson" by making him show me computers and asking him for specs he had little to know chance of knowing. LOL