Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 25, 2010
I know everyone posts melancholy "what I'm thankful for" posts today.

But...well, you know me. *LOL*

Actually I am pretty darn tootin' thankful overall. This was a suck year in many ways (we lost two of our dogs, my health issues, full roof replacement) but honestly? I'm not going to kvetch over that. We have a house we are not in danger of losing, I have a job I love, my hubby has a job he enjoys (and comes with health bennies), and there are a lot of people out there a lot worse off than I am.

I'm thankful for the world's best hubby, my son, and great friends and family. I've made new friends who have become as close (or closer) than family. I'm thankful for my readers who buy my scribbles. I'm thankful I have the ability to do what I love for a living.

I've also learned the valuable lesson of stepping back, slowing down, and taking stock. (Only took me the better part of forty years to learn that. *LOL*)

No, I don't do Black Friday shopping. That's...the bad kind of crazy. *LOL* I prefer to take it easy and give gift cards. Call me lazy, but I'd rather give people something I know they can and will use how they best need it rather than giving them clutter they might or might not like. And in today's age, sometimes the people don't want to admit they'd rather have the cash equivalent gift card than a present they don't need (or want or like).

And really, isn't this time of year supposed to be about family and friends and not about how we can push retailers over the hump out of the red and into the black? Not to sound anti-consumerism or anything, but frankly, the stress of trying to shop for the "perfect" gift for someone (which usually isn't) isn't worth the drain on my energy with my fibro. It's far better for me to give a gift card and spend TIME with that person.

So before you go nuts over specials and risk getting trampled in long lines, take a moment to think about what's really important to you. If Black Friday is a sporting event to you that you enjoy, fine. If you don't really enjoy it but think you "have" to do it, no, you don't.

Have a safe, happy, and sane holiday. Keep it sober, and keep it salmonella-free. :)

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  1. Robin said...:

    thank you Lesli for the great stories