"Good Will Ghost Hunting: Demon Seed (Book 1)" re-released!

Thursday, February 24, 2011
Hi All,

Captiva Press has just re-released the first book in my "Good Will Ghost Hunting" series in e-book version, and it'll be available in print as well in the next couple of weeks!



Can you find Heaven on Earth in the arms of an archdemon? Bet your soul on it.

Kalyani Martin is a virginal preacher’s daughter desperate to escape her father’s oppressive home. That doesn’t mean she’s not a good girl. Waiting for Mr. Right is part of Kal’s plans, and that doesn’t include the hunky but standoffish Will Hellenboek.

Will Hellenboek co-hosts the wildly successful Otherworlds ghost hunting show with his goofball cousin, Aidan Faust. Will’s instant attraction to Kal puts a severe crimp in his plans to die. All he wants to do is be out of pain and end his grief following his wife’s murder twenty-five years earlier. If he falls for Kal, it jeopardizes everything he’s suffered while waiting for release from his tortured life.

Ryan Ausar’s job as head of the Firm is to protect the Earth and its inhabitants. Unfortunately, his strongest archdemon, Will, refuses to return to work. Therefore, desperate times call for desperate measures. Ryan also holds a secret that, if revealed, would devastate Will and Aidan, the men he once called brothers.

With lives on the line, Kal, Will, and Ryan must choose to give up the things they most hold dear. Can Kal turn her back on everything she knows and help heal a hellishly hunky archdemon’s heart?

Contains soul-melting archdemon sex, willing virgin deflowering, and gratuitous snark.

Content Warning: Contains explicit scenes of m/f sex and coarse language.


So if you missed it the first time around, now's your chance to get it. There's also a scorching hot excerpt on their website. :)

The second book in the series, "Hell's Bells," is also in re-edits and will be available soon in e-book and print. I'm working on book three in the series.

Lesli. (aka Tymber Dalton)

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  1. Unknown said...:

    How long before book three comes out? I have just read the first two books for the third time. Can't wait.