Rollercoaster week.

Thursday, March 24, 2011
Wow, what a week. My bff moved back in a couple of weeks ago, and brought her cat (which she had before when she lived with us) and her daughter's cat (daughter couldn't take care of her anymore). The daughter's cat, Hekate, we adopted.

I took her to the vet on Monday and left her to be spayed on Tuesday. No big deal, healthy 7-month-old cat, routine operation.

While I was in Tampa on Tuesday with my mother at a doctor's appointment for my grandfather, I received a call from my vet. She was in tears and explained Hekate died in post-op. They tried to revive her and couldn't.


I was stunned. I'd gone from enjoying having a cat I could actually let have the run of my house (unlike our old cat who had...issues with his litter pan) to...not. I'd fallen in love with her in the short time she'd been with us.

When hubby got home that night he hugged me and told me to go to the shelter and adopt another one. So bff and I went over yesterday and...

Well, after having to haggle with the first adoption counselor (who was insisting I bring all FOUR of my dogs in to the shelter and I told him under no circumstances was THAT happening) and getting a supervisor involved who obviously chose to use reason and common sense over "da rulz" we brought home Sapphire.

She's a gorgeous Siamese mix, she looks a lot like a tabby but she's got the Siamese mocha coloration. She's VERY mellow and I could tell from her reactions she was miserable at the shelter. Not spooky at all, 7 years old, and just sat there and let my four dogs sniff her all over without trying to bolt or anything. LOL

Now comes the journey of renaming her. I'm leaning toward Ganesha or Brigid, but not sure yet.

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  1. sunruner said...:

    They wanted you to bring in all 4 dogs?? Seriously?? Do they not have dogs to know how much of a headache that would be? Wow. Glad someone finally wised up.

    The new cat is beautiful. I'm sure whatever name you decide on will be a great one. I had to part with my cat back in 2008 because we figured out my youngest, who was then 5, is allergic to cats and it was making his asthma really bad. Once we found Patches a new home, he improved a lot. Now we all want a cat (well, except for my husband) and we can't have one. BTW, Patches full name was "Patch, Compile, Crash, Repeat"... yes this is a geek household. :)

  1. Terri said...:

    Oh how terrible for you! I lost an Italian Greyhound during dental 'surgery.' So heartbreaking!

    As to the adoption rules...been there done that! I tried to adopt a doberman and was told 'no' because we're military and couldn't guarantee that we would stay in this state with the dog. Duh!

    I'm so glad the rules were 'bent' for you and your kitty has a loving home.

  1. @Sunruner - Yeah, I know. I think it was the kid copped an attitude. Once I got the supervisor involved, she was much more amenable. We ended up naming her "Calliope" (Calli for short) after the muse. :) Perfect for a writer.

    @Terri - Thanks! And that's pretty stupid they denied you that dog. Ugh. I hate stupidity.

  1. I am so sorry! It is so hard to lose any animal no matter how long they have been with you. We lost both our older siamese brothers 2 years ago. They died within 2 days apart. Their names were Whiskey age 19 & Soda age 18. Yes...Whiskey and Soda...:) They couldn't live apart from one another. Their loss devastated our whole home including our other 2 female rescued felines. They still wander through the house at night calling for their boys. Nutmeg, one of girls looks kind of like your new baby. Her name is Nutmeg. We call her Leggy Meggy. She is Siamese and Bengal. I wish I could show you a picture. But I have only the pictures of our boys on my Facebook at this time.:)

    Thank you for letting me ramble...:)
    And wishing you all the best in with your new wee fur baby..*S*