Did you get an e-book reader under the tree?

Monday, December 26, 2011
Are you one of the lucky ones who got your very first e-book reader or tablet (where you can install e-reader apps) under the tree? Regardless of the brand, there are many similarities and you should know a few basic facts.

1. You are NOT locked into only buying e-books from the reader's manufacturer. You only need e-books formatted to work on your particular reader. For example, .prc works on Kindle, .epub works on nook and Kobo, etc. You can buy books from many legitimate sources, such as directly from independent publishers and authorized third-party outlets (like BookStrand.com, AllRomanceEbooks.com, Smashwords.com or CoffeeTimeRomance.com). Some third-party retailers even offer a service to email files directly to your device. (But make sure your account is set up to accept those emails or they won't reach your device!)

2. If your reader comes with a USB cable, you can drag and drop files easily from your computer to your reader. Some readers come with Wi-Fi and not a cable. In that case, refer to your reader's instructions on how to transfer files.

3. If you find an e-book you really want, but can only get it in say .pdf format, you can use the Calibre conversion software (free) at http://calibre-ebook.com/ and convert it to your reader's format.

4. There are tons of LEGALLY available, free e-books at: http://www.gutenberg.org/ And careful searches of bestseller lists on Amazon, nook, and other authorized resellers will reveal free e-books there, too.

Enjoy your new toy! :)

6 reader comments:

  1. MaryMary said...:

    If you have a kindle, you can email a pdf file to your kindle free email address with the word "convert" in the subject line and it will send it to your kindle in the correct format. I got my kindle for the holidays last year and this year got my kindle reading light to go with it :)

  1. Brandi D said...:

    No new e-reader, still relying on my trusty old notebook (and pdf files). But am anxiously awaiting new reading material. Looking forward to Contractual Obligations, and perhaps... I don't know... maybe some Ty, Tom and Nevvie news. Just wishing on that one right now but really, really looking forward to reading about their road trip adventures.
    Hope you're having a great winter break down in sunny FLA. And hope New Years is fun for ya.

  1. Pat said...:

    I'm not new to ereading but got a new Pandigital SuperNova for Christmas. It comes with B&N on it and you can easily load Amazon's Kindle for Android. Love the ability to buy from any ebook retailer! I never realized how many are actually exist until I started doing the searches for ebooks.

  1. I got a kindle fire. Rather ashamed to say it makes my third kindle plus I have an IPad. Love them all.

  1. MaryMary - Thanks for the info! I've never done that.

    Brandi D - LOL Yes, working on it. Right now finishing up the Triple Trouble bridge book to get it in by the end of the week (hopefully!).

    Pat - Yes, and if you buy right from the publishers, the authors actually make a little more money. :) Indie publishers price their books more fairly than the big publishers do.

    RomanceGirl - Hey, I have two different nooks, so don't feel bad. LOL

  1. Dee said...:

    not sure about Nook, but there are sites like ereaderIQ.com that you can sign up for and they will notify you of free books for kindle