Class list updated.

Monday, February 20, 2012
I've finally got the class list updated with descriptions and event links for both FetLife and Facebook. Please take a moment and check them out if you're interested. They're FREE! :) If you're in Florida, especially near the Tampa Bay region, you might want to take a look.



4 reader comments:

  1. Vanessa said...:

    Hi Tymber, this post popped up in my email box and I just have to say, I love your writing voice it is so fun. I think I would really enjoy meeting you over a coffee. I love it when people tell the world 'here I am! deal with me, I am not changing. I like who I am so there!' I have a couple of children like that and I encourage and support their individual streak all I can! I think all your seminars would be so fun. I am just too far away to take advantage of them. all the best

  1. MJ said...:


    Knew I wanted to move to Florida.

    (Maybe next year...)

  1. @Vanessa - Aww, thank you. :) I spent a lot of years looking for who I am, and now that I found me, I'm not letting go. LOL

    @MJ - LOL You can always vacation here. :)

  1. Vanessa said...:

    I hear you! It took me until I was in my 40's so now that I am in my 50's I am finally happy with who I am and will not give others my power!