On-on! Holy hashing, Batman!

Saturday, September 22, 2012
So I went to my first hash today. If you don't know what a hash is, they're world-wide, and they're drinking clubs with a running problem. LOL They're bawdy, rowdy, fun as hell (and you don't have to drink, I didn't).

Picture if you will a mix of Rocky Horror Picture Show-type adlibs with beer and running. Oh, and tutus. Because today's hash was on the 22nd of the month (hence two-two, tutus) everyone wore tutus. Fortunately, as a "virgin," there was a nice couple who had a whole bagful of tutus to lend. LOL (No, you didn't have to wear a tutu, but I was more than willing to do it because I had forgotten to bring one with me.) And there were LOTS of hysterical drinking songs, and everyone has completely inappropriate and R- to X-rated nicknames.

I fit in perfectly. LOL

I am exhausted, but I had fun and met a GREAT group of people. I am officially addicted to hashing. LOL


2 reader comments:

  1. SusieJ said...:

    Hadn't heard of this before but it does sound fun!!
    Hugs xx

  1. @SusieJ - It was absolutely fun! It wasn't boring like a run would normally for me, and there were people there from sprinters to strolling (literally with a stroller). I was in the middle of the pack with fast walkers. The time literally FLEW by. It was the most fun I've had exercising ever.