Friday frappe.

Friday, November 16, 2012
Time for another mash-up of things I've gleaned from the interwebs (other than pictures of cats).

Great article at the Writer Beware blog about when to refuse a contract (complete with reference links):

A couple of great articles from LiveScience about dreaming here and here

Don't be drinking anything (you have been warned) when you read Kristen Lamb's latest blog post. The WANA guru for writers has hit this one out of the park.

For a turn of mood, stop by the Prescription for Murder blog for a discussion about deadly flowers:

From the Huffington Post, 7 Creativity Tips From a Top Mathematician

And now for something completely different, I am a recent Ana White fan. She's got a great DIY project on her website for a farm table, just in time for Thanksgiving:

And I received my latest writerly toy tool from Writer's Digest yesterday. The Storymatic:

And finally, a rational (and short) article listing the basic pros and cons of self-publishing from

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