I was in USA Today!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013
WOW. I was stumbling out around in the yard walking dogs pre-coffee and no glasses and trying to scroll through my email on my phone when I found this!


*clears throat*


Sorry. I had to scream it.


Sorry. I think I'm done screaming in joy now. Okay, yes, I have 41, not 12 books out, but OMG!!!!! I would SOOOOO girl kiss this woman on the lips for writing this!!!!!! I'm just...WOW! I'm stunned in a good way, and yes, after the horrible last week I had, this was... WOW!

And yes, despite my bad knee, Pink Panther bathrobe, and pajamas, I sort of look a little like this this morning:

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  1. How wonderful!!! Go girl!!!

  1. SharonJM said...:

    Congrats, Tymber. You have most certainly earned that Happy Dance:)

  1. Unknown said...:

    WOW! Congrats!! Awesome happy dance!

  1. Carin said...:

    Congrats you deserve all the praise you receive!

  1. Carol Edwards said...:

    I just pulled an all nighter reading "Bleacke's Geek". It is great. (Note to self -- Never start reading one of Your books in the evening.)More?

  1. Unknown said...:

    thats because it's a dam good book girl...congrats and stop walking the dog and get back to that computer and finish writing the next book in the series...enough smelling of roses for you today...lol