Happy Earth Day!

Monday, April 22, 2013
Happy Earth Day, peeps!

One easy way to save a tree? Read an e-book! :)

We also use cloth grocery bags, utilize local recycling services for papers, metal, and plastics, and are switching all our light bulbs over to the longer-lasting CFL kind (and LED when possible).

What steps do you take, no matter how little, to try to help out?

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  1. MJ said...:

    Good on you! I do those things too. Pretty much just try not to buy/use more packaging than needed, especially plastics, and conserve energy (ie making sure I do lots if I heat the oven, turn it off early and let the food finish cooking with residual heat, carpool, turn off lights, hang what laundry I can instead of using the dryer), make a effort not just to toss things that still have useful life into landfills but try to give them away to someone who might use them. So, yes...all really little things. But I think they do add up if lots of people do them. I'm glad things like Earth Day and your blog post are raising my awareness of things I can do. A lot of these things mean minor inconvenience at the most, but are things I might not think of.