New book list posted.

Friday, July 5, 2013
I FINALLY got my printable book list updated and ready. And this time I used different colors to group and separate the series from each other to make it easier to see. (I also added Love Slave for Two: Family Matters, which I didn't realize I'd omitted from the earlier version, yikes!) I've also added a "coming soon" section to it for easy reference.

You can grab it easily from the Yahoo newsletter group, which is located at:


I've also uploaded it to Google Drive. Here's the link, hopefully it works because I've never shared a file publicly like this before. LOL

It's in the Files section (if you're a member already) but I also set it to automatically send the file to new members, so you should get it if you join. (You can also add your email address to the subscribe box in the right column, and it'll take you to the same place.)

No, I don't sell, share, rent, or otherwise distribute email addresses. (I hate spam as much as you, believe me!)


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