*Le Sigh*

Saturday, September 13, 2008
There's always a feeling of...melancholy, mixed with relief and euphoria when I turn a manuscript into an editor. Such as I did this morning. My first book in the "Good Will Ghost Hunting" series, contracted to Lyrical Press, Inc., is officially in the pipe. It was actually a rather easy "birth," relatively speaking in terms of completing a writing project. I was surprised how quickly this story came together in my mind.

It's a good kind of scary because it's "out of my hands" so to speak, until we get to the line edit/revision phase. It's no longer this isolated critter on my hard drive, it's out there for others to love (hopefully) or hate (I hope not). So far my editor has loved the excerpts I've sent her along the way, and beta readers have enjoyed it, so I'm praying for the love line of thinking.

And now I switch gears from demons back to vampires to work on more of the "Love and Brimstone" series of books. Whew!

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