...And I didn't drown.

Thursday, August 4, 2011
Well, I signed us up for a gym. Nice place, even has a pool, hot tub, and sauna. And today they had an "aqua fit" class. I figured that would be perfect for me, low-impact and easy to do because of my fibro. Hubby went with me and did it too.

We survived. LOL We both felt like...well, fish out of water, but we survived. Half the time we weren't sure what we were supposed to be doing, but one of the other students assured us it took her several classes to get the hang of all the moves.

And so far, I'm still under-quota on my daily points. Woot! Go me! Hubby and I are determined to work this together. Once he gets his weight where he wants it with the Medifast plan, he's going to transition over to Weight Watchers with me. (I think he's jealous of me getting carte blanche on fruits and veggies LOL.) It does make grocery shopping a little tricky, because I'm constantly calculating points and he's got to focus on calories. LOL Thank the Goddess for my Droid, because I loaded the WW apps onto it and was walking around Publix yesterday with my head down, plugging EVERYTHING into it before it went in the cart.

I have to admit the competitive Taurus in me likes that I feel like I'm "beating" the system in a way. (At least, for now I am. How long that lasts depends on how fast the scale moves down. LOL) Like tonight, I had plenty of points left, and I was plugging the ice creams still left in the freezer into the points calculator (and nearly having a coronary over THAT). Well, I wanted a treat, but I was still a little hungry. So I grabbed a handful of grapes (0 points) and noshed on those before I had one of my low-point ice cream bars (still yummy).

HA! Take THAT points calculator! LOL

Of course, our Lab, Scudder, won also, because I dropped the bunch of grapes on the floor and they went scattering all over the place. He managed to snarf three or four before I got them all gathered up. LOL

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  1. SusieJ said...:

    WTG Lesli!! Sounds like a fun class and you're beating the points system - long may it continue.
    Hugs xx