Survived work-out #2.

Saturday, August 6, 2011
Hubby went with me to the gym today. First we had to hit a few stops, I needed new earbuds (couldn't find mine) and an iPod holder, swim goggles, and swim cap (for me), dog and cat food (not for me LOL), and finally got there.

Did some machines first, lots of leg work because I need the most work in my butt and thighs, but I did some crunches on the machine and some arm work too. Then 10 minutes on a stationary bike, then...

Ahhhh, the pool. :) My favorite. LOL I did several laps at a brisk pace (for me), hubby did some laps and some water walking. Finished that, then to the hot tub for a few minutes. Shopping at Publix (getting easier now that I know some of the basics to get, can we say bingeing on fresh fruits? LOL) and then home. I'm soooo ready for a nap, but one of my publishers dropped edits into my inbox yesterday and I want to get them done. Plus I'm working my way through the Rosetta Stone Latin America Spanish course. It's stupid that I live in Florida and can't speak more than a few words of it. I've taken it several times in school but always just the basics and my retention sucked after the class was over.

Go me! :)

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  1. SusieJ said...:

    I feel tired just reading about your workout - lol.
    You're doing really well. :)
    Hugs xx