Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sorry, I was too lazy to find my digital camera and take a picture of my actual computer. This is my new red Toshiba Satellite T135 I picked up yesterday. Yes, it's smaller than my regular Toshi, it's got a 13.3 screen, but I plan on using it for writing. I am getting far too distracted lately by other things, and I need something light and portable that I can focus on my writing with and not get Twitter-stracted. I needed something bigger than a netbook (with a full-sized keyboard). This works perfectly.

I'm going to upgrade my big Toshi to an even bigger Toshi fairly soon, and hubby will get my big Toshi because his laptop is over four years old and really needs an upgrade. I have plans for a 17.3" screen Toshi for powerhouse work when I need it. That one will be my "desktop replacement" one, while this one will take over the bulk of my writing load. I can use it easily in bed or on the couch or on the road, and it's fully functional as a computer and for browsing. Since I'm not a gamer, that's not an issue. And, when I want to read e-books, I can use it for that instead of the eeePC. The larger screen will be sweet for that.

So far, I love it. I transferred all my writing files, both finished and WIPs to it, activated Word, installed SuperNoteCard, and away I went. It's got Windows 7 home premium, which wasn't too hard to adapt to considering I'm used to Vista now anyway.

Now if I can figure out the new iPod I got to get myself out of the mp3 player Stone Ages, I'll be a happy girl...

(FTC asshats blog disclaimer: Yes, I paid for all my own stuff.)

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    That's pretty, Lesli I like it :)

  1. It's definitely a good little machine. I'm happy with it! :)