WOOT! "Good Will Ghost Hunting: Demon Seed" now in print!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

*WOOT!* *Snoopy Dancing!*

"Good Will Ghost Hunting: Demon Seed" is now out in print, AND... as of this writing it's currently ranked at 29,165 on Amazon.com!!!! WOW on it's FIRST day on Amazon!!!

I...am...SPEECHLESS!! (Well, okay, not really speechless, y'all know me better than that!! LOL)


Here's the Amazon.com link: http://www.amazon.com/Good-Will-Ghost-Hunting-Demon/dp/1936356112/

And you can get it in e-format on Kindle or directly through my publisher at http://captivapress.com

And congratulations to my fellow Captiva Press authors Anthony Stevens and Vicky Burkholder, because their books, "Crazy Taylor" and "Prime Time" (respectively) are also out in print today! :)

*more Snoopy Dancing!*

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