Real-life settings from some of my books.

Saturday, February 18, 2012
"Love and Brimstone" is a book near and dear to my heart. Originally the first manuscript I sold, it's also set in a place I absolutely adore -- Yellowstone National Park.

I took my first trip there with my son in 2007, and my second trip with Hubby in 2010. While out there both times, I absorbed the beauty of the American West and Northwest, and got ideas for other books, including "Cross Country Chaos," "Dead Moon Rising," "Stoneface," "Sunset Hearts," and others.

This is how I envision Tim's bookstore in Rapid City ("Stoneface") even though this is Custer, a small town just to the south of Rapid City.

And there's a house overlooking a valley not too far from there that is the inspiration for the Tim and Jack's house.

Over the next few weeks, I'll dig out photos from my trips to show you exactly where the stories took place so you can see for yourself.

3 reader comments:

  1. SusieJ said...:

    How wonderful to be able to put pictures to the locations. Thank you!
    Hugs xx

  1. SusieJ - Glad you enjoyed them! :) I'll get more posted soon.

  1. Vanessa said...:

    Tymber, a great thought to post the pictures... to see what you were thinking as you were writing. As reading is a bit of an escape to places away from 'real' life it wuld be interesting to see if people's imaginations gave them the similar pictures in their heads/imaginations as they were reading. Not having been to the Northwest USA but planning a trip to that area mid 2012.... is interesting to see. Thank you.