Random contest time!

Sunday, May 13, 2012
Yes, start screaming now, it's contest time! LOL You know I love to throw random contests out there. So everyone who comments on this post -- HERE on the Blogger post, not on my Facebook wall -- (and please make sure it's not anonymously so I can pick a winner) will be eligible to win one of my e-books for free. I'll pick two random winners from all of the commenters sometime late Monday (5/14). So start commenting, peeps! :)

What should you say in your post? Well...whatever you want as long as it's not offensive or spam. LOL You can even just say "hi" if you want (but come on, I know you folks are pretty creative).


Okay! Thank you all for playing!! :) Drumroll please...




And the two winners are...


Congratulations!! Please email me at tymberdalton AT gmail.com with which e-book of mine you'd like (currently available only, not the unreleased ones LOL) and what format you need.

Thanks everyone!!!!!

51 reader comments:

  1. Annie said...:

    YAY! I love your books!

  1. barbara said...:

    Hi Tymber, count me in! :)

    bimmergrlmd at gmail dot com

  1. Melanie said...:

    Hey Tymber from one May baby to another,, Since you will be picking a winner or two on May 14, then I should be one since that is my birthday!!!

  1. SusieJ said...:

    Can't wait for 21st and your new book "Triple Dog Dare".
    I love your books!
    Hope you're having a good Mother's Day.
    Hugs xx

  1. SheriV said...:

    Happy Mother's Day! Hope you feel better and go skeet shooting soon cause everyone knows shooting things makes everything better.

  1. sarah said...:

    Yesterday I was asked to be part of a threesome from a random person on match. I said no. When asked why I replied because chicks aren't my thing. And then they got mean. So not cool.

  1. W&M Guild said...:

    You are a whiley author and have tricked me into being hooked on your werewolf brothers and their mate. Mind you, I'm always a sucker for polyamory.

  1. figuranta said...:

    even if i am not into bdsm reading so much bdsm lately i convince my bf to go visit a bdsm club lol now i just need to find one in london to go have a look :))

    btw i love ut books


  1. Happy Mother's Day, and a very merry un-birthday to you (and me, too, since mine was the 5th). I actually sat down and started to write a book a few days ago - and am happy that I pre-ordered your book about opening veins, because chances are by the time it is released, I'll be stuck and calling myself all kinds of stupid for thinking I can write and the life-support will be welcome!

  1. Jeanine said...:

    What a fun contest....Have a great mothers day!


  1. PeggyB said...:

    Love your books Tymber! Happy Mother's Day ! Hugs

  1. laurie said...:

    have a happy mothers day! and i spent this aft reading love slave for two out on my deck..it was +20 and sunny where i was...great day to do reading!



  1. Happy Mommy Day Lesli! I'm sure I'm missing one I haven't read. *BTW I cried thru like 8 napkins finishing up Sunset Hearts on Friday night* Lol Tragedy!


  1. Nikki said...:

    I'm so glad you share your gift with us...your books are awesome. THANKS!

  1. Nikki said...:

    Thank you for sharing your gift with us....I love your books!

  1. Pogonip said...:

    What's this? A birthday? You're still having those? You kid, you! How can you be so young and write with such wisdom?

  1. mrs z said...:

    Random comment.
    Do you know it's a holiday today? Yes it is. If you look this up you will find that today is Frog jumping Day. So since I am the only one so far to wish you a: Happy frog jumping day I think I should win one of your books. Yes, I have quite a few of them already but not all.....yet.

  1. I've posted a couple of times on your FB page and asked a couple of questions here and there, I was the one that asked you if reading Red Tide and Out of Darkness should be read in order or not :) anyway, thank you for writing such great stories!


  1. Ashley said...:

    Thanks for the contest. You are a wonderful author! Love the books. :)

    Happy Mother's Day!

  1. Missy V said...:

    Pick me!! Pick me!! I wanna win!! Pick me!! pick me!!

    Thanks for the contest!! Your the bestest!

  1. Debby said...:

    Thanks for the contest! Happy Mother's Day!
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  1. Paxford said...:

    Your book "Love at first Bight" is one of my favourite Pick-me-up boooks :)


  1. Good afternoon, Lesli. Are you celebrating Mother's Day today? I got a call from my son this morning...it made my day. It's a gorgeous day here in the NorCal bay area. Was supposed to be in the 80s, but it's barely making it into the 70s. Breezy and sunny, just glorious for sitting out back and reading. Hope your day is just as wonderful.

  1. Teresa Childress said...:

    Happy Mother's day Tymber!!
    I'M glad you have your Hubby and Sir to cheer you up!! I am counting down the days for your new book "Triple Dog Dare" Thanks..Love your books! :)
    Teresa Childress

  1. Pat said...:

    Does that include Triple Dog Dare (please, please)? I think I own all your other ones now.

  1. Happy Mothers day! Love the pic!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Love Your books!!!!


  1. BrandiD said...:

    ohhh another contest. Yeah! =)
    I agree with SherriV. Go shoot something, it might make you feel a bit better. But I would hope that you wouldn't have to resort to man's best friend (aka Duct Tape) again. That was just a wee bit too much for my comfort but so glad it worked for ya.
    Here's to an awesome Year of the Dragon. Even though the year may have started out sad/crap/yuck I'm determined that it can only go up from here. For you too =). Positive thinking, right?!?!!
    Looking forward to the next Triple book but really, really, really can't wait for the next Love Slave book (hint hint hint).
    Sending ya positive vibes,

  1. kpill said...:

    Yay! Love contests!
    Just finished "Contractual Obligations" last night really enjoyed it! Waiting for TT4! That and "Love Slave For Two" are my favs!


  1. Happy Mother's Day!
    I have some snark for you. A girl I went to high school with got married yesterday. To a creepy looking dude but, hey... whatever. My Snark issue is that he got her a Purple Heart shaped stone ring as the engagement ring and they are in their thirties almost forties (on him).. Heart Shaped stones..... on grown people..... Tacky.... thats all I have

  1. Unknown said...:

    This is so AWESOME!!!
    I love ALL of your works (I still have a few left to read), but I know I will NOT be disappointed :)

    BTW, I love your screaming kitties pic-lol

    dragonlady 029 @ aol . com

  1. MaryMary said...:

    Love your books - please write faster lol


    Mary @ ferret rescue. com

  1. Meg said...:

    Happy mothers day Tymber !
    Thanks for the contest :-)


  1. TTN said...:

    I love the little poems in my home-made Mother's Day cards. Made my day more special.

    Happy Mother's Day to all.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Great Mother's Day Contest =)
    Please PM me at goodreads (where we are friends) if I am lucky enough to win.
    Anxiously awaiting the next GWGH installment!

  1. Tami said...:

    Happy Mother's Day! Just got home from my parents house. All my mom wanted was to not cook today....done! Took my mom and dad out to lunch and then cooked them dinner. Love my family!!

  1. SharonO said...:

    I love your books and would love a free one. hope it's a happy day.

  1. Candy said...:

    I would love to win one of your books! I love your animal pics by the way.

  1. Stacey said...:

    For Mother's Day today my 4 year old brought me breakfast in bed! It was a granola bar, a tea bag and a napkin! It was adorable and she was so excited! Stacey


  1. Tymber, love reading your books and your FB postings. From one cat lover to another. Meow.


  1. Kimberly said...:

    I went to Mother's Day dinner with a friend of mine (who also loves your books!) and her mom, who has kind of adopted me, even though I am older than her daughter! We had a lovely night and stuffed ourselves silly from appetizer to dessert. I always wonder how my life would have been different if I'd had a mom like her instead of the nutjob mine was. :-) Thanks for the contest, Tymber!

    kwm43204 (at) gmail (dot) com

  1. You were right it ended up being a glass half (or all the way) full day yesterday. Of course it wasn't until the bottle was three quarters empty but oh well. .

  1. Theresa M said...:

    Count me in!
    I love your books!

    Theresa M

  1. vanessa said...:

    Well this went up after I checked the blog yesterday which was my mother's day... which is always almost a day after yours.. I had the best mother's day gift... I am not so into gift gifts as I am blessed with most things I need and I am so happy my children know that! So the present one of our daughter's and her husand gave us was the news we will have our 4th grandchild late this year! My husband then took us both on a Goldwing ride, where we stopped for lunch at a country bakery and he made me my favourite Chicken satay pie for dinner. It was sooo delicious! Did I say I get treated like a queen most days?... as I said I am blessed! Have a great day.

  1. Tami Melum said...:

    Love all of your books!!! What can I say other than I am so hooked on them. I also love hearing about your day and happenings with Hubby & Sir... Hope you had a great Mother's Day and will have an Awesome Week! Thank you for writing your stories, I really appreciate the snarkiness and the depth you put into all of the characters. You ROCK !!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hi Tymber, hope you had a good Mother's Day yesterday. In the UK our Mother's Day is in March but in South Africa, where I'm originally from it is also in May. I phoned my Mom in Cape Town and had a lovely long chat. We were there on holiday over the Easter school hols, so was able to buy a card and pressie (which Dad held onto until yesterday), she was so excited. Her excitement and your new TT4 book - well it felt like I was having Mother's Day for the second time in one year :D Unfortunately :(( I don't have an e-book reader so cannot take part in this competition - just wanted to join the rest of your reads in expressing how much I love your books.


  1. Kelly sheehan said...:

    I love these contests. When will we get a new love slave book????

  1. Donna said...:

    So how did you get that picture of my cats? They laugh like that every time they see me naked!


  1. Jill said...:

    Hi Tymber,

    Please help me find my sanity! I know at some point I have read More than Make Believe, but I can't remember from which of the many places I bought it, or where it was stored. And of course, now I have a vague recollection of you posting about a rerelease, but now I can't find that post either. Is it going to be released again? I have already read everything else over again while I wait (impatiently?) for the next new release. Please take pity on me!


  1. sammycat said...:

    I thought I'd give a caption for the cat picture.

    "50 Shades of what?????"
    "What do you mean the new Love Slave book isn't out yet!"

    Love your books,

  1. Okay! Thank you all for playing!! :) Drumroll please...




    And the two winners are...


    Congratulations!! Please email me at tymberdalton AT gmail.com with which e-book of mine you'd like (currently available only, not the unreleased ones LOL) and what format you need.

    Thanks everyone!!!!!