Blessed Samhain! And what are you reading? (Contest)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween, peeps. :) Stay safe, keep the kiddies safe, and make sure your furbabies are safe as well. (Keep them away from chocolate! It's poisonous to furbabies!)

I'm also celebrating that Spider Bight (DSMC 3), which released on Monday, is already at #7 on Siren's menage bestseller list. Woot! And thank you all! :)

In the spirit of the day, I wanted to share my latest read. Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter might have noticed my love for the new show 666 Park Avenue. Love, love LOVE it.

It was based (loosely, of course) on a book series by Gabriella Pierce. 666 Park Avenue: A Novel is the first book, followed by The Dark Glamour (666 Park Avenue). Looks like a third book, The Lost Soul, is in the works as well.

Love, love, LOVE them. However, if you're a fan of the show, be advised the books and the TV show are practically different universes. About the only thing they share are a couple of character names and a paranormal theme.

In this case, I don't mind, because the books are so good, and the TV show is so good, it's irrelevant to me that they're not alike. (Unlike my love for Longmire, the TV show and the book series, where while the series took liberties they still remain faithful to the feel and characters of the books.)

So what are you reading right now? Chime in and add your comment for a chance to win one of my books. :) Tomorrow (11/1) I'll pick a random winner to receive any of my e-books (currently available) free. :)

24 reader comments:

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I am re reading heavenly angel from the devine creek series.

  1. Unknown said...:

    Blessed Samhain to you Tymber!

    I'm just about done reading Deliver Me From Temptation by Tes Hilaire. Not bad. Lots of paranormal aspects to it. Good vs. evil, light and dark, hot demons and angelic born males. Exciting and a bit different (in some cases).

    Hope you have a great day & thank you for the chance to win one of your works! I wish you the very best on your new release :)


  1. SheriV said...:

    I reading Shadow by Laurann Dohner. Until I can pick up Spider Bight tomorrow, payday. :P I've been looking forward to Spider Bight for awhile, your porpoise story might find it's way into my cart too. ;)


  1. Bonnie C said...:

    I just finished "Lucas" by DB Reynolds, and before that I read "Siren Unleashed" by Sophie Oak. Currently, I'm on "Shadow" by Laurann Dohner. It is #9 of her New Species series, which I absolutely love. I love your Bight series and look forward to reading Spider Bight.

  1. TTN said...:

    Currently reading "Siren Unleashed" (Texas Siren 7) by Sophia Oak.

    Right before that, read your porpoise story.

  1. Unknown said...:

    I'm about to start Annabel Joseph's Command Performance.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  1. Unknown said...:

    In order thanks to Frankenstorm and no power:
    Cardinal's Rule by Guess Who (LOL)
    The Brie Series 1-9 by Red Phoenix
    Shadow by Laurann Dohner
    and currently reading Dom w/a Safeword by Silverwood, Shaw and Black

    Power's back on, so reading will go on the back burner for a few days since we have a move coming up...


  1. Yarmac said...:

    Just finished reading Nobody's Perfect. Can't wait for the next one. Should be able to pick up Spider Bight next week sometime. Love the series so far. I also will be reading Shadow, His Tattooed Virgin and Alien Redemption. Totally loved Bleacke's Geek and can't wait for the next story. Also like the Love Slave for Two and need to purchase Reunions and Reckoning.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Last night I read Laurann Dohner's newest New Species: Shadow. It was Awesome and I couldnt put it down! Lori King

  1. These all sound great, and I've added a few to my own TBR pile. :) (And muy thanks to all of you who listed my books! LOL) ((HUGS))

    Please keep the comments coming! :)

  1. Nicole said...:

    Just finished Deity by Jennifer Armentrout for like the 100th time, YA Paranormal

  1. Unknown said...:

    I am reading Lori Kings Fire of the Wolf again :)

    <3 you Tymber!!
    Chris NoOne

  1. jenreader said...:

    I just finished John's Vision by Lynnette Bernard and working through Bailey Bradford's latest in her Leopard's Spot series "Esau". Next is Spider Bight, but I might have to re-read the first two first, it's been awhile. Thanks for a chance to win.

  1. steph v said...:

    I just finished "Point of no retreat" by Colleen Hoover and getting ready to start "Dirty" by Megan Hart... Thanks for giving us a chance to win one of your fabulous books, i've been dying to read one. I have several on my TBR list!

  1. Debby said...:

    I just started a Rob Thurlo book about a guy who can touch objects and sens things. Very interesting so far.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  1. Angie M said...:

    I'm currently reading Love Under Two Kendalls by Cara Covingtion. When I met you in Dallas, I got one of her Lusty, Texas books for free and have been working through the series. I miss Longmire! LOVED Spider Bight and can't wait for the next one!

    Happy Samhain to you too!

  1. Name said...:

    Just finished Shadow and am now re-reading my Bight books in preparation for Spider Bight - thank you for the contest!!!

  1. Mary said...:

    Okay let's try that again and hopefully it will take my name this time lol

    Just finished Shadow and am now re-reading my Bight books in preparation for Spider Bight - thank you for the contest!!!

  1. Unknown said...:

    I am trying to catch up on the reading I want to do. I Just finished Leia Shaw's Destiny Bewitched. I do love that series. I also finished Jennier Conner's Halloween Treat. A nice sexy quick read. I am now reading Sandra Bunino's Marooned in Miami. I need to check out the Bight series. Sounds great.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  1. I just finished The Dom with a Safeword by Cari Silverwood, Sorcha Black and Leia Shaw, was totally awesome! Am currently reading Enforcer's Redemption by Carrie Ann Ryan...and after that one I will start Spider Bright ;D


  1. CaroleDee said...:

    Wow, lots of similar books to everyone else! I just finished Shadow, and I'm moving on to Iced by Karen Marie Moning after I drop the kiddo at school :)

  1. Ann Q said...:

    I am reading CLOSE YOUR EYES by Iris and Roy Johansen.Another great book by these authors.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Reading "Masters at Arms(Rescue Me)" by Kallypso Masters [after re-reading "Club Shadowlands[Masters of the Shadowlands 1]" by Cherise Sinclair.


  1. Thanks to everyone for the comments! :) I picked a random commenter through random.org and the winner is...


    LORI KING! :)

    Congratulations, and please email me at tymberdalton AT gmail.com with which book you'd like to receive and your preferred format and a backup format if necessary. (Some of my earlier releases are not available in .epub, but everything is available in Kindle, .pdf, among others.)

    Thanks to everyone who played!!! :)